LGBTQIAP+ Fairy Tales Recommendations

Since it’s LGBTQIAP+ Pride Month, I thought I’d put together a list of fairy tales with LGBTQIAP+ characters. Here are five:

  1. Unburied Fables is an anthology that has characters with many different sexualities and identities.
  2. When the Moon Was Ours is a novel that is beautifully written and features a trans character.
  3. The Prince and the Swan is a webcomic that is a gay retelling of Swan Lake.
  4. Princess Princess Ever After is a super cute comic about two princesses finding their happily ever after together.
  5. Valor is an anthology of fairy tale comics. Not all of the stories include LGBTQIAP+ characters, but some do.

If there are any LGBTQIAP+ fairy tales that you think I should be aware of, please do let me know!


3 thoughts on “LGBTQIAP+ Fairy Tales Recommendations

  1. The Wild Swans by Peg Kerr is based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson. It has a dual timeline. One takes place in the 17th century and one in the 20th. The 20th century storyline features LGBTQ+ characters.

    Ash by Malinda Lo is a lesbian retelling of Cinderella. But in this case I found the romantic element to be underdeveloped and kind of forced, which is unfortunate since that’s what should distinguish it from other retellings.

    Kissing the Witch by Emma Donoghue is a collection of fairy tale retellings with a LGBTQ+ element in them.


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